Bryce Canyon National Park - Hikes that kids like

Hike 1: Queens Garden Trail - This is a long hike for kids and reserved for the main event for the day. There is an option to walk halfway and turn around which is a good option too. The slight grade takes you down into the canyon walls where you see up close hoodoos and tunnels through the rocks. Stop and rest under the trees at the Queen Victoria hoodoo, as shade is hard to find on a hot summer day. This is a good turn around spot or continue on as the trail eventually merges into Navajo Loop.

Queens Garden in Bryce Canyon National Park great kids hike



Hike 2: Navajo Loop / Wallstreet - You can merge into this trail from the Queens Garden hike or descend down from Sunset Point. This is a steep decent and climb but its easy with the gentle switchbacks. Our 2 year old daughter ascended  the entire climb by herself. The shear depth of the climb gives kids a huge sense of accomplishment. The mesmerizing canyon walls, windows in the canyon walls, and Thors hammer hoodoo are part of the unique features you'll want to stop and observe.



Hike 3: Mossy Cave - This spot requires a short drive outside the main park. It hikes along a gentle stream which at some points becomes a fun spot for kids to play near and cool off. Often people veer off at the bridge to follow the path upstream to get under the water fall. It's surrounded by a shallow rocky pool. If you continue across the bridge the trail splits at a T. The cave overlook is great to spot some moss and the alternate path takes you to some great views above the falls. 


Our full guide has a map to show you more. Check out our Bryce Canyon Kids Adventure Book.


We are parents of many young kids who enjoy travel and adventure. Visiting these National Parks are no easy venture with kids, we’ve discovered that when you give your child the tools for them to be involved they begin to lead the way.

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