Our Mission


My Sketchventure’s role is to get kids out into nature and to explore its untamed wilderness - while also encouraging them to sketch and be creative. To expand the limits of their imagination and learn the skill of drawing from observation. And create an opportunity for the parents to connect to their child as they explore and draw together.



Help kids connect to the great outdoors through creative natural observation.


Our Story

Ours is the story of a two nature-enthused friends, who grew up camping in both the Eastern hills of the Appalachain to the Westmost peaks of the Rockies. Fast forward to their own families, 4 incredible kids each, with the desire to teach them the unexplored paths mother nature has waiting for them.

Sketchventure is where nature meets art. Created to help our children discover new ways to enjoy the outdoors, whether spying a rare animal in our great National Parks to drawing caterpillars in their own backyard.

Our story is for the kids, who now lead Us on the trails.

D. Cox & A. Smith - Founders of My Sketchventure