National Park this Summer

We got a call earlier this week asking what we'd recommend doing at Bryce Canyon National Park (more here). It took us but a second to spatter out the best hikes we've done with the kids, because we've got a book on our shelves that captured them all; Bryce Point, Mossy Cave, Queens Garden, Thors Hammer... and so many more.

When we created the National Park series, we went out there with a blank book. We roughed out our ideas with the kids and even had their help locating and recommending items that they found interesting. Then with that first book we went back and revised again. 

It was those books that motivated our kids to hike so many miles, but not just to get to the end, but to enjoy the journey of awe and discovery along the way. We'd never have noticed the stink bug push its hind legs up or watch a tarantula crawl into a hole without those moments of observation. The guided sketch-venture books prompt a child to find and discover things along the way.

Each book from the series has a map of the park that pinpoints some easy hikes and stops the kids should enjoy. We even locate the bathroom locations that are hard to find in a pinch. And have created an index of items on the back page. We know kids can be leaders on the trails when empowered with these books.

National Park Kids Hikes Guide Map

It is our hope that children will gain a sense of awareness in nature with these books. Drawing helps you slow down and observe the details that are often missed with the hustle and bustle of life. We hope you enjoy them as well as you sit and draw with children. Pick up a few now with our 15% offer code that expires 7/4/20. Click code now to activate offer: