It all started with a book

Long history made short—My Sketchventure was founded by two nature-crazy dads seeking to provide their kids with a genuine appreciate for mother nature. What started out as a simple seek & draw book evolved into a complete series of adventure books & products designed to empower kids in the element.
My Sketchventure provides an array of creative tools ranging from sketchbooks to fanny packs. Books include maps, stamps pages, and tot-friendly pages to fill with art. Once your kid clips on their venture-fanny-pack and opens their trail map, pencil in hand, they will soon be leading the way on the trail! Don't believe it? give it a try, it sure beats the whiny feet drag approach we all know too well.

Our Mission: to connect kids to nature with art.

Doing so will enrich their lives, refresh their tech-cluttered minds, and provide new life perspectives. Each book immediately becomes a keepsake, the moment a child captures their unique interpretation of what they find.