Zion Hikes For Kids

Hike 1: Emerald Pools - Located at tram stop #5. You get off at Zion lodge. This is a great stop to come back to for ice cream, food and drinks. Follow the signs and cross the river on this paved foot path. Most of the trail is wide and stroller accessible. You’ll reach the base of the falls after 1mile. And you get to walk behind it all. It gets a bit muddy at times, but it’s a nice cool misty feeling on a hot day.




Hike 2: Weeping Rock - Use this short hike to re-build your kids confidence that hikes can be short and rewarding. There are some wonderful flowers and plants along the way. It’s mostly uphill, but so short it’s a breeze getting the kids up it. Sit and take in the beautiful view of Angels Landing, not to mention the tiny little people you can see that are hiking to the top. The hike ends in a safe ledge area where you can marvel the rock erosion formations and a misty breeze of water.




Hike 3: Riverside Walk to the Narrows - A very busy and popular spot. Don’t be intimidated by the people outfitted in waterboots and walking sticks, the riverside walk portion is a wide paved trail that leads you to the narrows river walk. Along the trail there are many spots to boulder climb or veer off next to the river along a sandy trail. The water can be very cold, but this is often refreshing on a hot day. We enjoy hiking all the way in along the paved trail, then as we end the trail into the water, we return following closely to the river with shoes in hand, stopping at holes to spot fish and skip some rocks. It’s a great way to end a hike refreshed by a leisure adventure.




We are parents of many young kids who enjoy travel and adventure. Visiting these National Parks are no easy venture with kids. We’ve been there through the tantrums, diaper blow-outs, potty breaks, and yes, the occasional “are we there yet”.

Through all our adventures, we’ve discovered that when you give your child the tools for them to be involved they begin to lead the way. We have an adventure book that maps out the best kid hikes, then helps motivate and guide them on a drawing adventure as they race to locate the next challenge. Then the quietness of observation and focus as they draw each item out will amaze you. Not only will they remember their hike, but they’ll be ready for the next.

We also have a few more tools to help along the way. A kid sized pack that holds their book, snacks and water. And best of all, these cool landmark buttons to reward them on their journey. It’s fun to show these off and pin them to their shirt, hat, or packs.

Thanks again for letting us in on your adventure.

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