Yellowstone Kids Adventure

We are parents of many young kids who enjoy travel and adventure. Visiting these National Parks are no easy venture with kids. We’ve been there through the tantrums, diaper blow-outs, potty breaks, and yes, the occasional “are we there yet”. 

Through all our adventures, we’ve discovered that when you give your child the tools for them to be involved they begin to lead the way. We have an adventure book that maps out the best kid hikes, then helps motivate and guide them on a drawing adventure as they race to locate the next challenge. Then the quietness of observation and focus as they draw each item out will amaze you. Not only will they remember their hike, but they’ll be ready for the next.

We also have a few more tools to help along the way. A kid sized pack that holds their book, snacks and water. And best of all, these cool land mark buttons to reward them on their journey. It’s fun to show these off and pin them to their shirt, hat, or packs.

Thanks again for letting us in on your adventure. Connect your child to the outdoors with My Sketchventure!