The following is a short description of the menus upon logging in: 
  • Profile page tab - Please update your account information as it changes. If the address information is current, we will be able to send you product samples.
  • Info tab - Here you can see your shareable affiliate links. Use these links in your social media posts. Customers must click through any one of these links in order for you to see & earn commissions. Do a test for yourself by clicking on the link and then checking the stats tab.
  • Link Generator tab - This allows you to create a custom affiliate link to any of our pages found within For example, if you want the link to go directly to the backyard product and not the home page, paste in the url and generate the affiliate link. Either shortened or standard long links are acceptable.
  • Stats tab - Shows you number of visits you've had through your links, including the referring page and landing page. And the number of conversions/sales that happened from those links.
  • Orders tab - Gives you a summary of the payout for the conversions, including the product that was purchased.