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Arches National Park Sketch Journal - Guided Drawing Adventure

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This book is for exploring Arches National Park in Moab, Utah.

Capture your childs impressions of nature in Arches National Park with a sketch journal. Its tall red rock canyons that have uncanny resemblances of recognizable objects, use this guide to find them all. Designed to motivate kids along the trail, finding and drawing key items and amazing landmarks along the way.

This book includes:

▪️ 30 adventure pages to seek and draw as they go off and explore like never before.

▪️ Park map that lets them lead the way for the day.

▪️ Kid friendly landmarks and adventure trails that adults can never find!

▪️ Park stamp validation page to collect sites you visit.


MySketchventure (TM) is a series of adventure books for kids in nature, using art and natural observation. Drawing will not only improve imagination and artistic skill, but also help them remember their visit to the park for years to come.